What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the overall process to ensure that your business can continue to provide your critical services in the case of a serious incident or disaster. It is traditionally process and functions based and is driven by your business requirements. It differs from ICT DR Management which is mostly technology based.


BCM encompasses Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) etc. It is one of the most important processes that your business/organisation must have in order for it to be resilient. Unfortunately it is also one of the least understood and least thought about process. Contact us to review your BCM.

How Can We Help?

At ResilieX, we can perform an in depth review of your Business Continuity Management. Our experts can help with reviewing, auditing and developing Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Plans.





Business Impact Analysis

Business Continuity Plans

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Do you know what your organisations critical business processes are?  Do you know the potential financial or reputational impact to your business or how long your business can survive without providing those critical business processes?  A Business Impact Analysis is the process that defines these. It is the most important step in making sure your business is Resilient. At ResilieX we can, review, audit or develop your BIA.

Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) are documents to ensure that your business can continue to provide its critical services during a serious incident or disaster. Like DRPs they are often misunderstood and underdeveloped. Your BCPs should be reviewed and tested in a controlled manner to ensure resilience in your organisation. Contact ResilieX if you would like to know how to do this.

Don't Know Where to Start?

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